Members Lounge New Name – Northern Lights


Our Members Lounge has a new name!  It will be called Northern Lights.

The man behind the new name is member Mr Frankie Chong, who is the winner of our Name It, Win It Contest. Congratulations Mr Chong! 

When asked what inspired this name, Mr Chong said, “The beautiful Northern Lights, also known as Aurora Polaris, is a natural light display in the Earth’s sky. I got the idea based on what I felt the purpose of our Members Lounge should be for.”

“Our lounge is as beautiful as Northern Lights. It is also apt because we are situated in the North of Singapore and our lounge is located on the third level (the peak) of our club. Even though travelling has been affected by the pandemic, members can still go to our lounge to spend some time to chill & unwind when they need a break.”

He added, “Years later, looking back, we can recall and remind each other of how COVID-19 hit Singapore and how we fought to overcome it. Whether you are having a good or bad golf day, Northern Lights will serve as a rendezvous point for golfers to huddle and have fun with kakis, to promote the SCC Family cohesive ideology.”

Members Lounge — Northern Lights