Macaques at Sembawang Country Club



Dear Members,

Our Club has reported increased sightings of macaques in recent months. Members have written in to inform us of macaques foraging for food in their golf bags and pouches.

The Club has been in touch with National Parks Board (NParks) since November 2020 regarding this issue. NParks is currently monitoring the situation in the area and conducting research on the macaque population, to see if population control measures can be taken.

Please note that macaques are protected under Singapore’s Wildlife Act. Any offences involving animals classified as wildlife will incur high penalties. Culling of wildlife, including macaques, is strictly prohibited. Killing, trapping, taking, or keeping of wildlife can incur a $20,000 fine and/or 12 months jail.

The Wildlife Act also prohibits the feeding of all wildlife across the whole of Singapore, which can incur a fine of up to $10,000. NParks officers regularly patrol the Central Catchment Nature Reserve surrounding areas to enforce against feeding incidences.

Macaques are generally not aggressive unless provoked. When you spot a macaque, it is advisable to keep a distance away, remain calm and avoid eye contact. Macaques are also curious and may approach to look for food. Food cues such as plastic bags should be kept out of sight. If none is found, they will learn and return to the forests.

We strongly encourage all golfers to store your valuables such as wallets, mobile phones, car keys etc. in the buggy overhead compartment, or in the compartment at the front of the buggy. Use the zips and locks of the buggy compartments to protect your personal items.

Please find attached NParks Advisory (see Appendix A) for more information on what to do during macaque encounters.

Thank you for your understanding and support as we work to manage this matter holistically.

SCC Management

8 Feb 2021