FAQs – Latest SCC Golf Booking Policies


Dear Members,

To further facilitate your booking of flights, we have compiled some FAQs of our latest Golf Booking Policies for your reference:

Q1. When can a member book for his guests?

A1. From Fridays 0630 hours onwards.

Q2.  Why does the Club not allow bookings for guests on Thursdays? 

A2.  To provide priority to our members so that they get a fair chance to play on our golf course.

Q3. Am I allowed to make changes to the bookings I have made on Thursdays at 5pm?

A3. Yes, you can. However, changes of golfers can only be made from members to members. A change from member to guest will not be permitted.

Q4.  If I had booked to play with 2 guests on Friday 0630 hours, can I change one of these guests to members?

A8. Yes, changes from guest to member for flights booked on Friday can be done. However, the change must be done before the cancellation policy kicks in.

Q5. Can I make more than 2 changes to the bookings I made on Thursday or Friday?

A4. Yes, so long as the Main Booker for the flight remains the same.

Q6.  How many guests can I sign in to play at the Club?

A5. You may sign in 3 guests each day on weekdays and weekends.

Q7.  Can I sign in guests to play in a different flight?

A6. No, guests must play in the same flight as the member who signed them in.

Q8. Can Visitors play on our course?

A7. Yes, bookings for visitors and golfers of social clubs can be done 48 hours prior to the intended game.

SCC Management