FAQS – Golf Booking Policies & Golf Booking System Procedures


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1) When can a member book for himself and other members?

From Thursdays 5 pm onwards.

2) When can a member book for his guests?

From Fridays 6:30 am onwards.

3) Why does the Club not allow bookings for guests on Thursdays? 

To provide priority to our members to play on our golf course.

4) Am I allowed to make changes to the bookings I have made on Thursdays at 5pm?

Yes, you can. Thursday tee times are tagged for Members only so changes made is for members to members. A change from member to guest will not be permitted.

5) If I had booked to play with 2 guests on Friday 0630 hours, can I change one of these guests to members?

Yes, changes from guest to member for flights booked on Friday can be done. However, the change must be done before the cancellation policy kicks in.

6) Can I replace the main booker?

No, the replacement or cancellation of the main booker will result in the cancellation of the entire flight. 

7) How many guests can I sign in to play at the Club?

You may sign in 3 guests each day on weekdays and weekends.

8) Can I sign in guests to play in a different flight?

No, guests must play in the same flight as the member who signed them in.

9) Can I book for other golfers?

Yes, on weekdays only.  You may help other members book their flights but the main booker must be a member.

10) Can I exchange my flight with another member?

No, exchange of flights is not allowed.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1) When setting up the 2FA (two-factor authentication), can I choose between SMS authentication and Google Authentication?

Yes, you may choose either SMS or Google Authentication. We encourage all our members to use Google Authentication because using SMS would incur additional cost to the club.

2) Is this new golf booking system web-based or an app?

This new golf booking system is web-based, so you can use your browser to log in via your PC/laptop, or your mobile phone because it is mobile friendly.

3) How do I make a booking for my guests?

You will need to create a list of guests prior to making the booking.

4) Is there a limit to the number of guests I can add to my guest list?

No, you can add as many guests as you want to your guest list. However, the Club recommends that you do your own housekeeping.

5) Do I need to create guest name every single time I log in to book my golf slots?

No, you do not need to create the same guest name every single time you want to play with him/her. Once you have created that particular guest with his/her unique mobile number, the profile will be saved in your guest list until you delete him/her.

6) Is entering my guests’ Mobile Number and Handicap Index a must when creating guest list?

Yes, Mobile Number and Handicap Index are the two mandatory fields when creating guest list.

7) If I add a guest onto my guest list, can another member add the same guest?

Yes, no problem. Members can share common guests.

8) Is there a time interval between bookings?

No, there is no time interval between bookings.

9) Are we allowed to make/edit/cancel my bookings online?

You can make/edit/cancel the bookings on your own using the new booking system. If you are unable to make the changes online, that means you are not complying with the Club Rules so calling the club would not be practical.

10) If I am not the main booker, can I make edits/cancellation to the flight?

No, you will not be able to make edits/cancellations. However, you may call the club if you wish to remove yourself from the flight.

11) How is the waitlist allocated?

The waitlist allocation is based on a first come, first serve basis and will be triggered automatically by the system several times a day.

12) Can I tee off without registering at the counter?

Yes, if you are on GIRO, you may go directly to the tee box, the starter will walkie the front office to check you in, however you will be charged the prevailing rate and will not be able to make changes at the tee box. If you need to use birthday coupons or rain checks for your game, you will need to do this at the reception before you tee off.

13) Can I apply rainchecks, coupons, voucher to my game upon making the booking or at the tee box?

No, you will be required to register at the counter on the date of play if you wish to make such changes to the booking.

14) Will I receive a course ticket upon registration?

No, we will no longer print course tickets. Only e-tickets will be emailed to you. The starter will be able to check if your e-ticket has been issued through his tablet.