Annual General Meeting on 13 October 2023

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 13th October 2023 will be conducted at the Club’s Banquet Hall at 1830 hrs.

Members who wish to attend the AGM physically can Pre-Register Online from 12th September 2023, 0600 hrs to 6th October 2023, 1830 hrs by clicking here.

All documents of the AGM, including minutes of AGM 2022 and the Club’s audited Financial Statements for FY2022-2023 will be available to members from 11th September 2023. Documents can be accessed by logging in to the Members’ Portal and clicking here.

  1. Annual General Meeting (AGM) Agenda

    • Presentations:
      • Club Chairman’s Address
      • GM’s Report
      • Treasurer’s Report
      • Club Captain’s Report

    • To receive the audited Financial Statement for the year ended 31st March 2023.

    • To announce members of the Management Committee and elect Convenors for the new term in year 2023/2024.

    • To transact Any Other Business given in writing to the General Manager.

  2. Notice of Any Other Business under item D above should be submitted to the General Manager’s Office no later than 4th October 2023, 1200 hrs.

  3. Members who wish to nominate or stand for office as Convenors are to collect the Nomination Forms, which will be available at the Club Reception Counter from 12th September 2023, 0800 hrs. Nominations will close by 1200 hrs on 29th September 2023. By Constitution, only SAF Members (Continuing) and SAF Members (Term) shall be entitled to vote at general meetings. eVoting for the nominations shall be conducted from 6th October 2023, 0800 hrs to 13th October 2023, 1200 hrs. Details of the voting will be disseminated to members from 5th October 2023 onwards.

  4. The following Convenors are open for nomination:

    • Green Committee
      • Competitions Convenor
      • Green Convenor
      • Handicap Convenor
    • House Committee – House Convenor
    • Ladies Committee – (2 Ladies) *
    • Publications Convenor

      * Only ladies (SAF Members (Continuing) and SAF Members (Term)) are eligible to be nominated and vote. Should there be no nominations for any of the two posts, Club Captain has the prerogative to fill these post(s) with suitable candidate(s).

  5. Please visit the Members’ Portal of our Club Website for Pre-registration and all documents pertaining to the AGM.

  6. Dinner will be held after the AGM for all members attending the AGM.

  7. Registration for the AGM will commence at 1800hrs. Please produce your membership for verification purposes. A door gift will be issued to each Principal Member attending at the registration counter.