Booking & Cancellation Policy




  • Morning Session (18 holes): from 7.00hrs to 09.08hrs
  • Afternoon session (18 holes): from 12.04hrs to 14.12hrs
  • Evening nine-holes: from 16.44hrs to 17.24hrs
  • Free walking: from 17:30hrs.
  • Interval between each flight: 8 minutes



  1. Bookings of flights for members and members’ guests via online booking system opens on Thursdays at 17:00hrs for the following Saturday to Friday.
  2. A maximum of three members’ guests can be signed in for each game. Members must play in the same flight of their guests.
  3. Upon booking a flight/slot, the booking system will generate a confirmation email which will be sent to all the golfers in the flight. 
  4. Members can opt to walk or use buggies on weekdays and when playing evening nine-holes. Buggies are compulsory for 18 holes on Weekends and Public Holidays.
  5. Buggies are compulsory for Non-Members.
  6. The evening nine-holes will commence only once the afternoon session have crossed over, if the afternoon session has incurred in any delay due to course closure, the evening nine-holes may be cancelled.
  7. Visitors and Social Club Members can book flights/slots three days prior to the desired date of play.
  8. On weekday, a minimum of two balls is required to make a booking.
  9. On weekend and Public Holiday, a minimum of three balls is required to make a booking.
  10. The Club reserved the right to ball-match as and when necessary to maximize the utilization of the golf course.
  11. The maximum number of players per flight is four.
  12. Golfers must register at the reception counter before proceeding to the tee-box. Non-members will be asked to produce their Handicap Card (HC) and/or Proficiency Card (PC) upon registration.
  13. Golfers may proceed to the respective tee-box to commence play once the e-ticket has been issued.
  14. Each golfer may book maximum one game per day.
  15. PC holders will be allowed to play on Weekdays and on Weekends and Public Holidays in the afternoon session only, up to a maximum of 2 per flight. 


  1. Cancellation of flights can be made online, in person or on the phone at least 48hrs before the game for weekdays and 72 hours for weekends and Public Cancellation must occur earlier than midnight, failure to cancel the flight/slot within the stipulated time will result in a no-show charge penalty amounting to the prevailing golfing fee.
  2. The Main booker for bookings made on Thursdays is not allowed to change at any point of time, amendments to flight mates are allowed from member to member only.
  3. If the original flight composed by 4 members becomes a flight of 3 or 2 members, the remaining slot(s) will not be available for guests. The slot will remain available for other members to book.
  4. Cancellations or amendments to existing booking can be made online, in person or on the phone before cancellation policy applies.
  5. Exchange of flights is not allowed.


  1. Should there be no more slots available, members may put themselves on the online waiting list.
  2. The allocation of the flights/slots will be automatic and will be generated by the booking system.
  3. Upon allocation of a flight/slot, the booking system will generate a confirmation email which will be sent to all the golfers in the flight.