Booking & Cancellation Policy

Booking & Cancellation Policy

Tee times for 18 holes are from 7.00 AM to 9.09 AM and 12.00 PM to 2.09 PM. There are 32 flights per session, or 64 flights per day. The interval between each flight is 8 minutes.

The evening 9 holes game will commence from 4.48 PM to 5.29 PM and limited to 12 flights per day. The interval between each flight is 8 minutes.

Booking of Flights

  1. Booking of flights for members via internet opens on Thursdays at 5 PM for the following Saturday to Friday.
  2. For phone booking members can call the Customer Service Assistant (CSA) the following day from 6.30 AM onwards.
  3. Non-Members and Social Club Members can book flights 7 days in advance.
  4. During evening nine holes, Members can opt to walk on course or use buggy. Buggies are compulsory for all guests and visitors. After 5.30 PM free walking is only for members.
  5. Players who wish to play the evening 9 holes are to register at the counter from 4.00 PM onwards (for the same day) and slots are based on a first-come-first-served basis. Phone bookings are not allowed. The evening nine-holes game will only commence once the afternoon flights have crossed over.
  6. Free walkers can register before 5.30PM at the Starters’ Office. They only can commence play from 5.30 PM onwards.
  7. Two balls are allowed to walk-in on Weekend & Public Holiday afternoons. Phone bookings are not allowed.
  8. Golfers have to register at the reception counter before proceeding to the tee-box to commence their game.
  9. During registration, the CSA will check the timesheet and inform golfers their scheduled tee-time.
  10. Golfers have to produce their Membership Card, Handicap Card (HC) or Proficiency Card (PC), for identification and verification of Status before issuing of the course tickets.
  11. The CSA will then issue the course tickets. With the course tickets, golfers may proceed to the respective tee-box to commence play.
  12. Members are required to provide names, membership numbers of the entire flight when making the booking. Incomplete bookings will be cancelled from the system.
  13. Members may only book one flight for a minimum of 3 balls during the weekend and PH & minimum of 2 balls on weekdays. Single players may join flights. Ball matchup will be done for the unused slots.
  14. Members are allowed to sign up to 7 guests during the weekdays and 3 guests on weekends & Public Holidays at guest’s rate. Members must play in the same session to enjoy the guest’s rate.
  15. PC holders will be allowed to play (up to a maximum of 2 per flight) on weekday AM and PM session and on weekend and Public Holiday in the PM session only.

Cancelling of Flights

  1. All cancellation of flights for weekdays is two days and three days beforehand for weekends. Otherwise, there will be charges for late cancellation or no-shows.
  2. Members are allowed to made change to their bookings before cancellation policy applies.
  3. Swapping of flights is not allowed; all cancelled flights will be given to the waiting list.

Reciprocal game booking and cancellation procedure (balloting)

Yearly agreements have been made with Country Clubs in Singapore in order to allow Members of Sembawang Country Club to play reciprocally at a advantageous rate (current buggy effective rates in the selected Club)

. Changi Golf Club, 2 flights per week (Tuesday & Thursday) *No Balloting, upon availability & request

. Keppel Country Club, 4 flights per week (Tuesday to Friday)

. Orchid Country Club, 4 flights per week (Monday & Friday)

. Warren Country Club, 2 flights per week (Wednesday)

. Seletar Country Club, 2 flights per week (Friday)

Specific dates can be found on the Club website

1. Members are to fill up the balloting forms which can be obtained from the Golfing Counter during operating hours. Only the booker’s name is required at the point of submission and name of member which the Customer Service Assistants (CSA) will refer to.

2. The filled forms can then be dropped into the balloting box. This will be acknowledged by the CSA upon receipt of the ballot forms.

3. Members are allowed to sign up for reciprocal game once a month. An exception can be made if there are still available flights three days prior.

4. The balloting will be done 9.00 AM of every alternate Saturday. Balloting opens for a period of 2 weeks each time. The deadline for submission of the ballot forms is 12.00 PM on the day preceding the balloting (Friday).

5. Once a member name is balloted, the Golfing Department will contact them via telephone to confirm. The balloted member would then have the option to choose the Club which they are keen to play at and the names of the other players in the flight.

6. Members are given up to 3 calls, within 10 minutes interval, to confirm the flight. If there is no answer after 3 calls, their ballot will be forfeited and the option will be given to the next balloted member.

7. The balloting is based on the queue system. This means that the person who is balloted first would get the choice/priority to choose the club, session & date on which he intends to play. The member can immediately register the names of the players for the game, a minimum of 3 players is necessary to secure the flight. Guests are not allowed to join.

8. The name of the main booker cannot be changed/replaced once balloted. If the main booker doesn’t wish to confirm the reciprocal game, the balloted form will be removed from the list. The member must not submit the balloting form more than once. If the name is balloted twice, the names will be disqualified.

9. PC holders are not entitled to play in reciprocal games.

10. Confirmation is sent to reciprocal clubs one week before the game in order to request flight tee times. CSA will inform members by telephone according to booking confirmation.

11. Members may cancel their booking before the flight are confirmed to the reciprocal club for $20.00 per flight. Otherwise flight will be charged $100.00. Members are allowed to be replaced by other member players free of charge before confirmation is given to the reciprocal club, otherwise each name replacement will be charged $10.00.

12. Members will be charged for no-show on the day of their game.