Golf Academy

SingaGolf Academy, led by Annavi Chelliah, member of Singapore PGA, offers an experienced team of instructors and golf professionals. The Academy provides sound fundamentals to help golfers enhance their playing abilities and to improve their handicaps.

The Academy offers structured golf programmes catering to beginners, intermediate and advanced players. Training is offered to individuals, families, groups, corporate clients and schools to reach out and promote golf as a sport and a healthy lifestyle.

We provide golfers with a unique golfing experience; using advance technologies in coaching and use of indoor golf simulator to enhance golfers’ performance with statistical data that will help check and fine-tune their golf swing to enjoy golf. Members and public can now optimize their golf clubs performance with our in-house club fitting services. SingaGolf, an associate member of the Singapore Golf Association, provides Handicap Maintenance and Proficiency certifications (PCs) to non-country club golfers’ thus creating a one stop learning center for all golfers.

To know more about the Academy’s programmes and services, do call 67510341 / 62575530 / 96800015.
Alternatively, you may visit our website: or email

Business Hours:
Tuesday to Sunday – 10am to 10pm
Monday – 12pm to 10pmOffice: 67510341
Mobile: 96800015
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Golfing Professionals

Golf Professional/Head Coach

Annavi Chelliah

Member of Singapore PGA NROC / MOE Registered Coach, First Aid Certified Foresight Sports, V1 & Swing Catalyst Analysis, Capto Putting

Golf Professional/Elite Development

Davide Bertoli

Member of Italian PGA Ambassador for Puma/Cobra, Swing Catalyst Specialised in Golf Mechanics and Technologies

Golf Professional

Sharon P. Lee

Member of Ladies Professional Golf Association (USA) NROC / MOE Registered Coach, First Aid Certified TPI, V1 & Swing Catalyst Analysis, Trackman, GCQuad

Golf Professional

Melvin Chen

Member of Singapore PGA NROC / MOE Registered Coach, First Aid Certified V1 & Swing Catalyst Analysis, SkyTrak, GCQuad, Tomi Putting

Golf Professional

Ann Huang

Member of Ladies Professional Golf Association (USA) NROC and MOE Registered Coach, First Aid Certified. V1 & Swing Catalyst Analysis, GCQuad, Capto Putting