Driving Range

Welcome to SCC Range
The Driving Range is designed to provide a realistic and comfortable environment for Golfers to practice. The Club is committed to continually improve the range amenities and features to stipulate an experience that is as close as playing on the course, so that golfers will enjoy a fulfilling experience on the SCC Driving Range.

Features of the SCC Driving Range
A Natural Landing Area
Everybody enjoys the greenery when they golf and this is why we insist that the driving range landing area remains naturally green.

Spacious Bays for Practice Comfort
The 51 bays are adequately spaced to ensure there is comfortable room for a perfect swing.

Brightly Lit for night users
The range is brightly lit at night to ensure that it is visible to see where your ball lands.

Cushion Mats
SCC uses the cushion mats so that the impact between the mat and club can be reduced, hence minimizing strains to the golfer’s wrist and arms.

Top Quality Range Balls
SCC replaces its range balls periodically to ensure optimal compression and maximum flight

Simulated Targets and Actual Distance from Bays – To best stimulate the challenges
The driving range is equipped with target markers and actual distance chart for each bay.


Operating Hours
The Driving Range opens daily from 7am to 11pm. The range is closed for maintenance every Monday from 7am to 12pm or the following day if a Public Holiday falls on Monday.

Practice Green
Tht Practice Green opens daily from 7am to 9pm.

Closed for maintenance every Monday from 7am to 1pm or the following day if a Public Holiday falls on Monday.

The use of Practice Green is strictly for members and golfers with course tickets of the day only.

Contact Driving Range at 6751 0349